Why It’s Your Manager’s Fault That You Aren’t Succeeding

Tara Klein
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I know what you are thinking, but this is not a free pass to slack off, not live up to your potential, and then blame someone else. The reality is that great employees fail all the time, and the frustrating truth is that the employee and the manager are both left wondering what went wrong. The manager is disappointed that they aren't seeing the results they expect, and the employee is defeated and unfulfilled in their role. When you start to look into it, there are a few reasons why hardworking and committed employees fail to succeed at their jobs, and those reasons can point back to management.

Lack of Necessary Tools

Even the best employees will not be able to successfully do their job if they are lacking the tools they need. A support system is critical, and the manager needs to ensure its implemented and effective.

Expectations: If an employee is not given the clear expectations, objectives or goals for the role, it will be difficult for them to live up to them.

Training: Although employees come with certain qualifications for any job, the on boarding transition is important to their continued success. Employees need to be trained for their roles regardless of experience.

Resources: Often times, employees are missing resources such as information, collaboration or structure to complete their tasks.



Culture at a company has a huge impact on the individuals working there. A negative culture will certainly create an environment that makes it difficult to succeed even for the best employees. Everyone has their own values and standards, and if they aren't aligned with the company, it will be difficult to commit to and excel at a job. A manager should check-in with everyone on their team to see how they’re doing and if they’re committed and contributing positively to the organization.


Wrong Role

Great employees can be placed in the wrong role either at the time of hiring or through promotions and reorganization. A manager is ultimately responsible for the evaluation and placement of their employees, and if the roles are not a good fit, changes have to be made.


Companies succeed when their employees succeed. Understanding why great employees fail is critical to the growth of a business. Evaluating the reasons and making small changes can have a huge impact on employees reaching their potential. 



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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Brian C. that pretty much describes it! Some times employees get put into the role of manager, whether ready or not, just because they are the next senior person in line. It's unfortunate but many times the case. We, as employees, should try to embrace the new manager and offer assistance, if they are willing to take it. Give them time to learn the ropes - to learn how to manage. That way the manager won't need a new PO because the manager and the employee find a way to make it work.

  • Brian C.
    Brian C.

    Okay let describe what your problem was in this article. FOR EXAMPLE: The Manager P.O. a new weed trimmer, never ran run before, EPLOYEE uses weed trimmer. Till out of fuel and string . The employee doesn’t have P.O. for new string and fuel and DOESNT know how to replace the stuff or fuel the trimmer. So NOW Then the manager sits there loosing money because neither can do the job . That’s why it’s the managers fault because of no Management

  • Gail T.
    Gail T.

    Oh my gosh, this is so true. What you brought up clearly explains my position in a huge company under management that did not train me, and did not give us as employees clear expectations. We had a manager who would sit in her office all day and many times when I walked past her office the door was slightly ajar and I would see her on her cell phone a lot. Thank you for clearly explaining what a manager is really needed for. This hopefully will reach some of those management people who work strictly with favoritism and hide in their office part of the day

  • William S.
    William S.

    no there are truly awful, narcissist, self absorbed leaders who really think the world revolves around them. I left my last company for exactly that. By far the worst BOSS (not leader) I have ever encountered. I hope karma catches up to this person in a big way

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. @Carol W so sorry you had to work under such stressful conditions. Looks like you are job searching and maybe none too soon! The company that you worked for is more of the exception and not the rule. Most companies welcome input from their employees. I hope, when you had your exit interview, that you told them how you feel about the company as well as the management. Nicely, of course because you should never burn bridges! @Emma M. seems to be the sad story at many companies today. What do you think it might take to make change in your companies? Maybe you should both strive to be the "management" and be the change makers. It has to start somewhere so why not with you?

  • Emma M.
    Emma M.

    This is so truth; it takes to be a team and true commitment to render effective nursing care; as nurses we need all the tools and the caring management to accomplish the nursing role. Unfortunately there will always be someone to blame when the effort is not shared equally and where there is no freedom or respect to work to your full capacity.

  • Carol W.
    Carol W.

    This was such a boost reading this, thank you so much. Upper management at the facility I was with is not nurturing it is accusatory critical with bullying/intimidation staff are afraid to go to HR fearfully of retaliation. We were buried nothing thought out just a new set of work from new computer process with little education not enough help told when asked no additional help was forth coming work with what we have. We were in a sink or swim mode. We were told to prioritize but actually every thing was a priority. I know I'm not a computer whiz I work to learn computer stuff. It is sad I have worked for this facility 3 different times from 1982 until 8/1/19 I seen many changes. It is so sad that the climate at this teaching facility is no longer fun exciting a place to learn and experience. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this experience, and sad for those who can not provide good nursing care and as always the patients suffer. Thank again for having the courage to speak the truth.

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