Why is Team Building So Important?

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As a business professional, you must inspire your team to achieve its goals. Team building allows you to connect with members of your group and allows them to bond with each other. Discover why this is so important and what you can do to build a better rapport with your team.

Defining Team Building

Team building activities help create better relationships within a group. The ultimate goal of team building is to help team members collaborate more effectively. Helpful team building activities include attending sporting events as a group, fundraising for a favorite charity by running in a 5K race or having fun in an escape room.

Why Team Building Is So Important

When team members bond, they typically maintain positive attitudes toward one another and work together more effectively. Oftentimes, they become friends who support each other outside of work as well. These types of relationships foster trust among everyone on the team, giving colleagues the feeling that someone else in the group always has their back.

The benefits of having an effective team are numerous. Great teamwork improves morale, accelerates growth and improves retention. Employees find themselves more motivated to reach goals. Reaching goals may lead to an improved business model, more efficient business processes and higher profits.

One way to build an effective team is through fun yet challenging activities that promote friendly competition. Creative exercises, such as crafting a work of art, can boost creativity and imagination among team members. This also encourages group problem-solving. When team members are used to brainstorming and solving problems together, they are typically more innovative and collaborative in the workplace.

The ultimate aim of team building is to meet goals. Those goals can be small, such as getting through a sales presentation. They can also be large goals, such as increasing company profits.

How to Create a More Effective Team

Improving team spirit can start as soon as you hire a new person. Have icebreaker activities so team members can get to know the new person. Not only does this make the newest member feel welcome, but it also it shows the new person that you're invested in his success.

Create an open culture that rewards honesty, integrity, transparency and trust. Open communication lessens anxiety, misunderstandings and tension among workers. This concept works both ways. You must be open and honest with your team so they feel comfortable opening up to you about issues they're facing.

Build your team by playing into each person's strengths. For example, if one person loves number-crunching, allow him to help solve complicated accounting or payroll issue. If a team member has great people skills, allow her to conduct a seminar about getting along well with co-workers.

Team building is important on several levels, the most vital of which is to meet your team's goals on a regular basis. How do you create a happy, healthy team that loves working with one another?

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