Looking Ahead at 2014 Construction Trends

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The construction industry continues to climb out of the slump that hit at the end of the housing boom and during the recession period. Emerging trends may help transform the way construction workers perform their duties. Understanding these trends is an important step toward embracing them and ensuring that your company moves forward into 2014 with the tools and skills needed to ensure continued success in the coming year.

The construction industry doesn't always embrace new technology quickly, but some recent developments are definitely influencing construction industry trends for 2014. These include the use of software as a service (SaaS) programs that allow foremen and architects to collaborate easily across many miles. One of the big upsides of SaaS is that many programs allow you to pay only when accessing the service, cutting down on the expense of purchasing and maintaining software installations. Another construction industry tech trend that has made great headway is the use of mobile devices. Data plans allow you to take snapshots of current construction to share with project leads or managers in moments.

Shifts in architectural styles are also expected in 2014. While few entirely new developments in the field of architecture are anticipated, many existing trends are expected to pick up steam. This means that construction industry workers and their teams need to ensure they have the skills and manpower to keep up with these emerging trends, particularly kitchen placement and passive house design. The placement of a centralized kitchen creates a mission control area where the whole home may be monitored and operated from a single room. Passive house designs integrate ecofriendly technology, including green power collection devices and large windows to help with heating, into the overall construction of the home.

Construction industry trends for 2014 definitely lean toward an upswing in green building techniques. The boom in green building allows companies operating in the construction industry to more easily get the tools needed to create more environmentally friendly homes and businesses. Construction workers and companies should strive to ensure that they are ready to help build homes offering far greater energy efficiency than in previous years.

These trends show an uptick in the way that technology dominates the modern construction industry. Many companies should evaluate their current staff and tools to ensure they have everything needed to tackle construction in the digital era, including mobile devices, SaaS-friendly computers and office technology, an understanding of kitchen wiring and installation, and a knowledge of energy efficiency in homes and businesses. Construction industry organizations armed with the right mix of skills and technology are likely to have a competitive edge in 2014.



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