How to Adapt to a Free Address Office Space

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Free address office space helps companies to do away with traditional hierarchies. This type of environment does away with assigned seats, cubicles or offices, and employees are free to work in whatever space they desire. Discover relevant ways to make this business environment a success for everyone at your busy office.


Free address office space makes it easier for supervisors to develop relationships with workers. Also, colleagues are more likely to start conversations and develop relationships with one another. This setup helps to alleviate the feeling of unfamiliarity among the people in your office.

This activity-based paradigm is also designed to make everyone more productive. Workers can experiment with taking their laptops to different areas of the office space and surrounding themselves with different people to determine what office climate optimizes their productivity. Once they find that sweet spot, they can stick with it until they're ready for a change.

Informal Daily Meetings

An open office space gives you a chance to meet with colleagues in a new way. Rather than scheduling weekly meetings with your team in a conference room or designated meeting area, you can have daily huddles first thing in the morning before everyone goes off to their separate areas. Use this time to bounce ideas off of new people or attempt to solve problems. You can also discuss innovate new products and services.

Getting New Ideas

If a business partner or someone in your professional network uses this type of office setup, schedule a visit to their office, and take notes. It's a good idea to tap into resources that can help you understand this business strategy. You'll also get ideas on how to communicate best with your team in this type of office setting and how to deal with private matters in an open office environment.

Why Does This System Work?

The goal of an open address space at the office is to foster a sense of community, collaboration and teamwork among individuals within an organization. It's best for company leaders to come up with ideas that can help workers build and maintain an overall sense of community in this type of environment. Fun activities provide a great way for colleagues to bond in an open office space. Managers can plan a company-sponsored lunch every Friday so that everyone in the office can share a meal together. They can also schedule theme days or weeks, celebrations, dress-up days or fun competitions.

This type of open office space helps to create an innovative and collaborative environment. The atmosphere may take some getting used to at first, but it can yield great results if done correctly. Business leaders who are achieving great success with this type of environment should encourage other organizational leaders to give it a try.

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