Finding Meaning in Your Work, When It Feels Meaningless

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Nexxt | Article - Finsing Meaning In Your Work When it Feels MeaninglessFinding meaning in your work even in the best of times can be hard, but at the moment, it might be harder than ever before. In a time when the conversation is heavily focused on the importance of mental health, many people who feel down about life outside of work can easily project those feelings on their work as well. When these feelings can’t be fixed by getting a new job, here are a few ways to get out of the slump.

Set Goals
One of the best ways to find meaning is to set goals. Setting goals has multiple benefits. A goal to set could be anything from increasing your sales to making a new friend at work to landing a promotion by the end of the year. Even though you might not reach your goal because of circumstances out of your hands, the idea still creates motivation. This, for many people, especially those, like me, who like competition, can help you get through the day. The steps you take to reach your goal will increase your productivity, happiness, and many other significant aspects of your work.

Improve Your Skills
Another idea is to improve one of your skills. Let's say, for example, you are a team manager and wanted to improve your leadership skills. This would make you more motivated, plus adding a skill may help you land a better job. Additionally, you’ll also be helping others. You’re helping your colleagues by becoming a better manager as well as your company, so really, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Think Positively
A third way to find meaning is to think positively. Having a positive mindset will make finding meaning easier than if you’re filled with negativity—it’s that simple. This is because if you're actively looking for meaning or the silver lining, you’ll find meaning faster. Even if you’re doing a task that can feel pointless, a positive outlook could change your whole perspective (the whole whistle while you work concept) and bring meaning to your job. Thinking positively is often contagious and can make the work environment more enjoyable for you and all of your coworkers.

Face it, being miserable at work is not worth it. If work is making you feel meaningless, lost, or confused, follow these tips or find your own productive way to find meaning. It may seem impossible to do but in reality, it just takes one or two tweaks to find purpose in your work.


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