A Manufacturing Boom

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If you are looking for manufacturing or construction related work, the place where plants and construction companies are hiring are down South and also in shale oil and shale natural gas areas and the States bordering them.  This includes businesses that service shale oil and natural gas companies and provide products needed by the workers working there.


According to the latest statistics; the United States is now the largest producer of oil on earth.  In 10 years experts say we will have to import no oil at all.  Right now we are importing only 45 % of our oil.  This is down from 70% just a decade ago.


As far as natural gas, before the Marcela Shale find, terminals were being built to import natural gas from around the world.  There terminals are now being turned into export terminals so that liquefied natural gas can be exported.


A good thing too for American jobs is that the equipment used by these companies is specialty equipment and much of this is still made in the United States.  We have exported many low tech jobs, not as many of the high tech jobs.  However; many of these high tech jobs deal with servicing and operating robots, and often this requires some kind of degree from a 2 year or 4 year school.   The jobs pay well, but this is a lot to ask of someone who has been to school twice and needs a job today.


So if you are looking for a good job today, the lesser tech jobs in the manufacturing of products needed by the energy industry are still a good bet.  Many of these jobs are once removed but vital.  Plus, who made money in the Gold Rush?  If you said the cooks, the shovel makers and shovel merchants you are right. 


Do you have hand skills?  Well the pre-fab housing market is booming in Border States to the shale oil and shale gas States.   People in oil and gas States right now are living in trailers in Wal-Mart parking lots waiting for houses to be available as people flood into places like North Dakota where the oil is.  A couple who gets a pre-fab home is in heaven.  Companies in Border States making pre-fab homes are booming.


In Pennsylvania there are many small companies hiring; the same applies in other Marcella Shale States.  How to find the jobs?  Well, type in shale gas on a search engine and the area where you live if you’re in that shale natural gas state.  Perhaps add a job skill and see what you find.  Or you can type in shale gas companies plus a product you know how to make.  You can even just get a small company’s name and go there and see if they are hiring.  The unemployment rate in Western PA is 4 %.  That is near full employment. 


Now I am not being simplistic, but trying is a lot of the success.  In sales you need 20 attempts to get 1 sale.  To get a job, it’s the same. 


To give up job searching is understandable because frustration can lead to this, but it’s important not to let yourself down and be a go getter.  There’s nothing wrong with getting the addresses of 20 shale gas drillers; or the addresses of the tool or product supply and manufacturing companies, taking a ride out and stopping in and applying.  See what the day will bring. 





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