Ways to Show Appreciation to your Employees and Co-workers

Michele Warg
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Yes it is the holiday season and now is the perfect time to show how much you appreciate your employees and co-workers. Remember it is also important that you show your appreciation not only during the holiday season but throughout the entire year. Making employees and co-workers feel valued at their job will have a big impact on their view of you, their job, and the company as a whole. Below are a few suggestions on how to show appreciation to your employees and co-workers: • Hold company sponsored events. Events can range from golf outings, movie nights, or company lunches or dinners. This will not only bring everyone together but also make them feel like part of the team. • Get to know your employees and co-workers. Showing genuine interest in their family, hobbies, what they did on the weekend will make them know that you care about them. • Give a small gift based on their interests. After you learn about their hobbies or any special interests, you can give a small gift occasionally to brighter up their day. • Write a personal thank you note. When an accomplishment has been made or hard work is consistently shown, write a personal thank you note to your employee to say that you appreciate all their hard work and continued determination. • Acknowledge employees on special occasions such as their birthday or employment anniversary. Taking them out to lunch or bringing in a cake and having the whole staff sign a card will make your employee feel special that day. • Bring in office treats for your employees such as doughnuts, bagels, cookies, etc. It is nice to give employees a break during the day to enjoy these treats. • Create a tradition that every month, quarter, or 6 months employees vote on a fellow employee based on their performance and efforts over that time period. Have a small ceremony to acknowledge the winner and other nominees and present them with a small gift. • Provide a monetary gift if feasible. Cash is always appreciated but you could consider gift cards or gift certificates as a nice way to say thank you. Monetary gifts can be given not only for annual or quarterly bonuses but also for attendance or leadership. • Have fun holiday activities and offer flexible scheduling during the holiday season. If coverage is needed, create a holiday calendar so employees can schedule their time based on other co-workers. In the end, employees and co-workers that feel appreciated will be more motivated, productive and better workers which will bring much success to the company. Have a great holiday and a prosperous New Year!

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