Summer Office Attire: Dos and Don'ts

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As the weather gets warmer, the shorts get shorter… but maybe not in the office. It’s tempting to wear your best beach look all summer long, but keeping a professional appearance is a top priority when you’re getting ready in the morning. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind while dressing for the office all summer long.


Do Wear Strappy Sandals and Heels

An adorable statement shoe never hurt anyone. Break out your favorite strappy sandals and open-toed shoes to the office, as long as they have a business-casual feel to them and your toes are manicured well. Even Forbes listed having fun with your shoes as an acceptable fashion-move at work on their list of acceptable summer office attire.


Don’t Wear Flip Flops or Crocs

According to Forbes, workplace dress experts universally confirm that flip flops are never appropriate in the office. The golden rule to keep in mind is if shoes make noise or are too high or uncomfortable to walk in, they are not appropriate for walking around the office.


Do Wear Skirts and Dresses

Feel free to have some fun with your outfits. Invest in a few colorful, length-appropriate skirts, like knee-length pencil skirts or flowy maxi skirts and dresses to add some style to your wardrobe in the summer, all while staying professional.


Don’t Wear Shorts or Mini Skirts

It should go without saying that shorts and miniskirts are not appropriate office attire. Anything of short length is too much skin exposure for a professional setting, and it just looks too casual. At all costs, avoid shorts and skirts that don’t feel comfortable or are too short.


Do Wear Lotion

The summer can be really hard on your skin, so you might be reaching for the body lotion or sunscreen more often for a few months. Mild smells and unscented lotions are the best options for an office setting, since you may be in close proximity to other people.


Don’t Wear Perfume or Body Spray

Those summer scents can be hard to resist if your rushing to get ready in the morning, but save it for the weekend. Perfumes and body sprays can be really irritating to your co-worker’s nostrils, and you never know who might be allergic to your favorite spray. Stick with the traditional shower and invest in good deodorant, rather than reaching for the spray all day.


Do Go Business Casual

Summer is the best time to wear business casual attire. It looks professional but is lighter on you so you can stay in the heat without passing out. Nice slacks with a tidy polo and blazer and some nice shoes are the perfect summer outfit for men in the office.


Don’t Wear Your Casual Outfit

Check your company’s policy before deciding what’s appropriate, but most professional workspaces these days don’t count jeans as being business casual. No loafers, graphic tees’, tank tops, or anything else you would wear on the boardwalk.


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