Positive Impacts from COVID-19

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Things are quieter than they were in the beginning of the year. Life seems less busy these days. The daily commute no longer goes across town, but instead across the living room.


Now more than ever, there is time to do those things set aside for some day or spend with loved ones.


Positive impacts of being at home:


1.  Better work life balance: People have more time in their schedules these days. There’s an opportunity to take care of themselves and their families like never before. Leaving work at a reasonable time, cooking meals, and having conversations no longer remains a wish but is reality.


2.  Deeper appreciation: People say thank you more and leave tips for essential workers. Those people doing jobs that might have flown under the radar before are recognized for their importance to their community and people are not shying away from expressing their gratitude.


3.  Quality time: More people report spending increased time with those they live with. Fun hobbies, like cooking elaborate meals, playing family games, backyard hang outs or making videos, are being embraced during this time.


4.  Sheltering in place, means pet shelters are empty: Thanks to people being exclusively at home, pet shelters across the country are out of adoptable animals. This is especially great for people who are at home alone. A fluffy companion is quite comforting in a time like this. 


5.  Less footprints means a smaller carbon footprint: Satellite images are showing dramatic drops in air pollution in coronavirus hotspots around the globe, which could just be temporary. But also think about your routine when you’re at work and the number of plastic utensils that are used and individually packaged items. Maybe when the time comes to go back to work the way we use these items will change too?


6.  Overall health benefits: Now more than ever, people recognize self-care and healthcare’s importance. People are reporting improved diets along with exercising regularly since the stay at home order.


Positive impacts of working at home:


1.  Fewer distractions and interruptions: Most people like coming into work and engaging with their co-workers, yet sometimes it is easy to get pulled into conversations or interrupted from work when in person. Consequently, employees aren’t as efficient. Since working remotely, people report being less distracted by co-workers and are getting stuff done.


2.  Increased socialization with co-workers: Again, people like engaging with their co-workers. While it stinks not to see them every day, people still bond and connect with colleagues, now mostly through video chat. They gather in virtual happy hours or play online games together to stay connected.


3.  Saving money: Companies may not have to pay utilities in the buildings that housed their employees. All those savings can add up and keep a company moving forward during this uncertain time.


4.  Flexible hours and autonomy: In some cases, employees can work any schedule they want as long as their work gets done. This freedom allows people to work at their best time. Night owls get the chance to hit their stride while the early birds can catch all those worms.


5.  Improved mental health: 60% of people surveyed by ZEN business report improved mental health, including decreased stress and anxiety, since working at home.


6.  Fewer meetings: Announcements now get sent in an email or instant message meaning less meeting time and more time to get the job done.


Whether being more productive at work, training your new dog to walk on a leash, or embracing quality time with loved ones, there are positive impacts from staying at home during COVID-19 (in addition to helping to flatten the curve).


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