Help to Reduce Employee Turnover With These Strategies

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Retention of quality employees should be a top priority at any organization. If your company is facing a staffing shortage and employees seem to be leaving in droves, it's time to address the situation before the business loses any more time and money. Consider these nine tips to retain employees and reduce turnover rates.

1. Develop a Thorough Onboarding Process

Establish a formal procedure for introducing new employees to the organization. An effective onboarding process should include a facility tour, introductions to other workers, explanation of the company culture, an overview of employee benefits and an explanation of job performance expectations.

2. Maintain a Pleasant Work Environment

A clean, uncluttered office or safe facility go a long way to improving employees' moods and satisfaction. Be sure to pay attention to break rooms and restrooms as well.

3. Operate Effectively

To better retain employees, make it easy for them to complete their daily duties. Operate within a clear chain of command, and provide policy and procedure manuals to help employees meet work expectations.

4. Make Training an Ongoing Effort

Employee training shouldn't stop after the onboarding process is complete. Ongoing training keeps employees engaged and refreshes workers on concepts or procedures they may have forgotten.

5. Offer Advancement Opportunities

Companies fail to retain employees when there isn't a clear career path in sight. Discuss career goals with your employees often, and alert them to educational opportunities that are available, such as tuition reimbursement programs. Allow cross-training for employees looking to advance into other positions.

6. Recognize Good Work

Retain employees by rewarding hard work. A simple "thank you" goes a long way. Consider holding a reward ceremony. If it's possible, offer bonuses for exceptional employee contributions.

7. Communicate Effectively

Take the time to engage with your workers. Schedule regular performance evaluations, listen to their feedback and welcome suggestions. Encourage a culture of teamwork by organizing staff luncheons or other group activities.

8. Compensate Fairly

Pay employees for the work they do, not the title they hold. Implement a performance-based compensation plan that rewards high achievers and encourages all workers to strive to meet and exceed the company's goals. Retain employees by ensuring your pay scale is competitive when compared with other companies in the industry.

9. Provide Meaningful Benefits

Offer benefits that attract quality employees and encourage them to stay with your organization. Think about 401(k) plans, life insurance or profit-sharing plans. If the budget is tight, offer little things such as company-paid lunches once per month or early-out Fridays.

When employee turnover rates are high, organizations lose mass amounts of working knowledge and experience increased recruitment and training costs. Customer relationships suffer, productivity diminishes and profits drop. With these nine tips, your organization can boost employee satisfaction and retain employees.

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