Great Bosses Have These 4 Habits

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Learning basic management skills is easy, but learning to be a good boss is a lot tougher. The key is to balance the needs of the business with the needs of your team members, but this skill isn't built overnight. If you really want to excel as a leader, implement these four leadership habits that standout bosses master so you can grow into a boss employees love.

1. Good Communication Skills

A good boss knows that transparent communication is vital to building trusting relationships with team members. Set clear expectations for projects, but give employees the wiggle room they need to meet goals in a way that fits their work style. Check in on workers regularly, chatting with them individually to ensure they're on the right track while praising them for their work. Keep in mind that listening is one of the most important elements of communication. Take time to hear employees out, whether they're offering suggestions, raising a concern or trying to clear up doubts.

2. Taking Time to Coach Employees

Employees are the heart of any business, which is why a good boss takes time to train and empower team members. Provide consistent learning opportunities for employees, and focus on keeping them motivated. Instead of making demands, ask questions to help employees generate solutions themselves so they can hone their creative thinking skills. If employees ask for help, refuse the urge to take over. Instead, provide the guidance workers need to effectively complete the task themselves.

3. Work Alongside Their Team

While ineffective bosses either try to do it all or pawn all their work off on their employees, a good boss delegates tasks while working closely with team members. Delegating gives you breathing room to be a better manager, and rolling up your sleeves to work on a project helps you build stronger relationships with your workers. This also allows you to set a clear example that team members can follow, and your good work ethic is sure to catch on.

4. Focus on Positive Feedback

One of the greatest desires of any employee is to feel appreciated, and a good boss recognizes this. Even during busy days, take time out to praise employees for their accomplishments and hard work. If you only speak out when a mistake is made, employees are likely to feel that all their good work goes unnoticed. Creating a culture of positive feedback is a great way to boost loyalty and worker satisfaction.

These four leadership habits are sure to transform you from an average manager to a good boss who motivates employees and achieves great things in the workplace. Which of these habits do you think is most difficult to implement on a consistent basis? Share your opinion in the comments.

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