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More and more individuals are taking charge of their health as they learn about the benefits of a regular fitness program. This change is not limited to one demographic group. As we know, aging baby boomers are concerned with staying healthy, physically fit, and living independently. People 55-years and older constitute 25% of the 6.1 million Americans who reported using services of a personal trainer in 2004. There is also a significant increase in children's utilization of personal training and fitness regimens as a growing number of parents become aware of the health risks of childhood obesity. In addition, children of all ages and fitness levels seek out the services of a personal trainer to get that extra edge in their particular sport, due to the competitiveness of youth athletics. Corporate America is also getting on the personal training bandwagon. Businesses recognize the benefits of personal training and are offering exercise programs to employees. A fitness program increases employee productivity by relieving stress and improving morale. It also reduces insurance premiums and makes a great recruiting tool for senior-level talent. Because people of all ages and varying physical conditions are turning to personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals, the need for your services and a professionally run training facility are in high demand. You owe it to yourself and your clients to take that next step. But how? A franchise model-approach to your business may be the answer. Joining a franchise organization gives you name recognition, a proven business model, instant credibility with potential clients, and takes away the trial and error of starting a new business. A good franchisor will train you in all aspects of the business and allow you the opportunity to own your own business. "Be in business for yourself but not by yourself". Do not be fooled into thinking you can't afford a franchise, because truth be told, you probably can't afford not to. Did you know that Franchise businesses are twice as likely to remain in business after five years of being in operation than non-franchised businesses? * A 1999 study by the United States Chamber of Commerce found that 97% of franchises opened within the last five years were still open for business. * A Small Business Administration study conducted from 1978-1998 found that 62% of non-franchised businesses closed within the first six years of their existence. Risk Minimization Like any small business, you face financial risk from day one. These include signing a lease for space, leasehold improvements, purchasing equipment, advertising costs and general start-up expenses. Then you need to decide on a location, hire a staff, and begin to advertise. Choosing the wrong location, hiring more staff than you need and spending too much on marketing are all potential business killers. A franchise organization has developed a business model that is a proven success. They are experienced in the start-up phase and will help minimize any costly mistakes. Utilizing your money most effectively and providing you with a sound business model are essential to your success. Established Marketing Plan Marketing and advertising is a major expense. It is easy to make mistakes and be ineffective if you lack the experience. Successfully promoting your business is a key to its longevity. Buying into a franchise provides you with an established plan and effective advertising materials to best utilize your marketing dollar. As a franchisee, you will benefit from continued brand name recognition and multi-media exposure. Collective Buying Power Purchasing equipment and other office supplies is costly. Buying on your own does not leave you with much leverage when dealing with large companies. Reducing your cost on these items is very important when estimating your start-up costs and evaluating your bottom line. As a franchisee, you will benefit from better discounts on goods due to collective buying. This means power in numbers. It will also eliminate the trial and error of finding reliable vendors. Successful Site Selection More than any other decision you make, the location you pick to open your business is essential. You must take many factors into consideration. Parking, adjoining businesses, access, and convenience are just a few. Surprisingly, a busy area does not always generate success. Too often, a new business is overwhelmed by the other businesses nearby. Another common mistake is positioning yourself in an area that is not conducive for the services you are providing. Although offering a great service, if your location does not fit the profile of your potential customers, it is just a matter of time before it fails. Our franchise team performs a detailed demographic analysis of the area under consideration. This information determines whether or not it is an ideal location. Start-Up Assistance The start-up phase of any business can sometimes be overwhelming, with all the decisions and details in front of you. The extra time diverted from building-up your clientele can be very costly, especially if you don't have a good plan in place. It takes time to increase your client base, so your budget has to support you during those early months. A franchise group helps to streamline this crucial start-up phase. They provide you with a plan, help you make those tough decisions and develop a Grand Opening marketing package. Time is of the essence. It is important to sign-up new clients even before you open your doors. On-Going Support A new business is delicate. It requires constant attention. Too often the need to keep in touch with marketing trends, new training techniques and other business related issues gets neglected. Even if you found the time, you might not have the resources or expertise necessary to keep your business growing. Once again, a franchise organization can help fill this void. The franchisor can provide you with a team of field consultants designed to monitor and offer assistance to your business. They will make periodic visits to your location and make a 24-hour support line available. Uniqueness to the Market Making your business stand apart from the competition is a challenge. Why should clients select your facility? What makes you better than the rest? New business owners should ask themselves these questions and more. The good news is a franchise group has the answers. Through trial and error and endless research, a franchise has developed a specific model for success. From protocols and procedures, to studio colors and logo, all of these elements are carefully chosen and proven successful within the market place. There are many franchise opportunities from which you can choose. For 9 years, Personal Training Professionals' (PTP) proven business model has been our road map for success. PTP goes beyond a typical health club; it is a state-of-the-art facility that provides all the services offered by a large health club, but in a personal, highly professional atmosphere. At the core of our approach is the passionate belief that individualized exercise programs promote long-term improvements in health and fitness. Our custom-designed programs deliver the motivation, proper instruction, and consistency that constitute a successful health and fitness regimen. Providing highly effective health training services since 1998, PTP is now offering qualified individuals the opportunity to own a PTP franchise of their own. Jason Baer, B.S. Exercise Science and AFAA Certified, is the founder and owner-operator of Personal Training Professionals | PTP Franchise. Mr. Baer received the 2006 National Leadership Award as the Honorary Chairman to the Business Advisory Council and is an Honored Member of the United Who's Who among Executives and Professionals. His contribution to the fitness industry and reputation among his peers are his proudest achievements. For more information visit or call 866.97.PTP4U. Article Source:

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for all of the comments and thanks to Jason Baer for sharing and giving us some insight into what someone should consider before deciding on a franchise opportunity.
  • Cindy
    Would like to start up a business where I live, there is a great opportunity for the business I would like to start, but unemployed & do not have the funds to start it up. I do know about the SBA & it would be women owned based but I am needing help with the writing of the business plan and how to fill out all the red tape paper work to get the start up funds. I would appreciate some insight on how to really get the ball rolling.
  • Eva Avant
    Eva Avant
    I'm have a very strong interest in owning a MCDonalds in a demanding area ZIP CODE 20121
  • Danyon
    You have shed a ray of snusnhie into the forum. Thanks!
  • Hengguang Li
    Hengguang Li
    What do I do with a good idea but no money to start a business?
  • Bryan Topa
    Bryan Topa
    I don't know enough about any one topic to try to own a business. I need to find something that I don't have to be availabe on Sundays, due to church obligations. Is there any possibilities whatsover?
  • Dolores Saladino
    Dolores Saladino
    I am considering a gently used childrens store in Westchester County, NY.  Any ideas?? I researched Once upon a Child but too costly.  Please give me some input.  Thank you.
  • Andreana C.
    Andreana C.
    I would like some infomation on starting my own business. I would like to start a Billing and Coding business mainley focusing on homehealth care and privete insurance.If you have any information about how to get started I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time concerning this matter.  
  • Crystal Kellam
    Crystal Kellam
    COnsidering a Fitness Franchise. What kind of Financial help could I expect?
  • Katrice Weaver
    Katrice Weaver
    I have been in the optical feild for  years and I am broke, I would love to open an optical store that specialized in fitting pediatric eyewear.
  • Maria A.
    Maria A.
    I am interested in my own business in Fort Worth, Texas I am unemployed and need to make some money please show me how, but soon.
  • deon thomas
    deon thomas
    i am interested in my own business in Washington DC metro area.
  • Deborah
    What would the demand be and about how much would be needed for either a record shop or coffee/smoothie shop in Saint George, Utah
  • Linda Alderman
    Linda Alderman
    I would love to bring Round Table Pizza back to the valley (i'm from California) I would love a franchise however i have no money & i am unemployed (secretary/receptionist) can i get started with no money??
  • Anamaria Weiss
    Anamaria Weiss
    How much will be the cost to own a franchise?.
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