Finding Executive Networking Success in the Field

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The Internet has been booming for well over a decade, offering amazing opportunities for everyone to find success, including job seekers looking for work. One reason job seeking has become so easy online is because of enhanced networking options such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

The simplicity and convenience of online networking has left many job seekers, even at the executive level, feeling that signing up for a few profiles or starting a blog is good enough. But your job is never complete if you’re serious about finding a job. This means you need to sign off the computer (or phone) from time to time and get back out in the field.

Enjoy Networking Events

Whether you run across a fantastic wine tasting event or happen upon a major fund-raiser in your area, it’s a good idea to explore them since they almost always double as networking opportunities.

You can even sign on to your computer or phone and utilize social networking tools to find out what’s going on in your area during the month. Most cities host Web sites dedicated to the latest happenings in the area. Also, your network connections may be able to help keep you posted on ways to get out there and meet new professionals.

Reconnect with Clubs and Organizations

If you belong to clubs or organizations but haven’t attended functions in a while, now’s the time to get back out there and start networking. And if you don’t belong to any, what better time is there to join than now? You can become affiliated with some great organizations that make a difference in your community and are well connected with top firms. And, of course, you can always become affiliated with organizations directly associated with your field to give you that extra professional boost.

Practice Your 45-Second Speech

Even if you’re spending time at a family function there are opportunities to network, which is why it’s a good idea to develop and practice a 45-second speech that gives a quick snapshot of who you are, where you work/have worked, what your professional interests and goals are, and how you may be able to benefit from a mutual networking relationship.

There are so many great opportunities to network offline that it’s essential that you jump back on this bandwagon if you’ve inadvertently abandoned it. Then when finished, you can hop back online and continue your convenient Internet networking efforts.


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