Employers are Destined to be Disappointed, Unless They can Describe their Jobs Properly

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I know this article is going to be controversial because businesses that rely on employer and recruiters are very reluctant to admit, that the customer isn’t always right. If employers do not put what they are looking for accurately in the job description they can’t expect to find it. It is like going on a road trip through New York State with a map of Arizona. Good luck. In my experience as the President and Founder of several online career centers and an HR Consulting company, the vast majority of disappointed employers tend to complain about the unqualified applicants who apply to their jobs. However, the root of the problem is really the unclear job posting. The employers complain that the unqualified candidates who apply to their jobs are wasting their time but in fact it is them who are wasting the candidate’s time. All of the articles I read in the marketplace are for candidates helping them write cover letters, format their resumes and conduct a job search. Nobody does anything to help the employer with writing a clear job description. The job description should include the following: 1)Brief Description Of The Company 2)Accurate Job Role and Task Description 3)Clear Directives Of Mandatory Requirements, Licenses, Skills or Years Of Experience 4)How, When And On What Criteria The Employer Will Follow Up With The Candidate. Title is important as well, it should include the following: 1)Job Title 2)Level Of Job (Senior, Junior, CEO Etc) 3)Geography City & State/Province If you have any questions on how to write clear and accurate job descriptions or have any comments on this article please do not hesitate to contact me.

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