Digitally Skilled Workforce is the Way of the Future

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The human workforce is gravitating more and more towards automation and digital technology thanks to mobile devices, cloud computing, wireless technology and connected sensors. As such, businesses must build a digitally skilled workforce that knows how to handle these advances. Discover why building enterprises around technology ensures better innovation rather than stagnation.

Proactive Approach

Remember that technology changes rapidly, especially as devices become smaller, faster and more efficient. Smartphones and tablet computers change with the times as manufacturers create newer components. Companies need a digitally skilled workforce now so these employees can keep up with the changes. When you have workers who already have a hand in digital technology, learning new skills becomes easier when technology becomes mainstream.

Talent Pipeline

As a business professional or hiring manager, you must work with HR to create a vibrant pipeline for a digitally skilled workforce. This means finding ways to lure top talent, determining what skills your team needs most in terms of areas of expertise and what areas your team must focus on when it comes to innovation. HR must also develop a set of soft skills that go along with the hard skills that new hires need.

Skills Gap

The reason you need a viable talent pipeline is to avoid a looming skills gap. Even in manufacturing, companies need more jobs that require people who can program, build and fix advanced machines rather than people who can lift 50 pounds. Building the talent pipeline isn't just about hiring college graduates. Consider developing a program that talks to high school classes before that age group enters college. Perhaps you should send a representative to a local high school career fair or host a career day that gets youngsters interested in tech jobs with your firm.

Another way to address a skills gap for a digitally skilled workforce is to have public relations campaigns that tout high-paying tech jobs in a variety of departments and locations. When young people realize where these jobs can take them, they become interested and excited about working for you in the tech field.

Advanced Training

Don't forget about advanced training, such as a leadership skills and continuing education, that are both vital to keep your employees engaged. Just because someone comes to your firm with a computer science degree your employee earned five years ago, that doesn't mean he is up to speed with the latest trends. Have a way to incentivize someone who decides to continue his education, whether by going back to school, earning a certification or attending company-sponsored training courses.


The key to maintaining a digitally skilled workforce when building enterprises is to build partnerships. Partner with high schools to speak to teenagers. Attend college job fairs at universities to mine talent. Work with educational institutions to build continuing education programs to keep your employees' skills relevant. When you create viable partnerships, maintaining an engaged employee pool becomes easier.

Your digitally skilled workforce needs to happen as soon as possible. The further your firm gets behind in the digital transformation, the harder it is to play catch-up with your competitors who are already innovating.

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