8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter Now!

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Publishing a newsletter is one of the most effective ways to market your business. Whether you distribute a print newsletter, an electronic version (e-zine) or both, your publication is a powerful tool that can boost your profits and grow your business dramatically.


The following is an overview of how your business can achieve success by publishing a regular newsletter.

Increase Exposure to Capture Sales
Studies show that the average consumer must be exposed to a product six to eight times before making a decision to buy. A monthly or weekly newsletter allows you to put your business name in front of your customers repeatedly. Your customer may be on the fence about purchasing from you, but following a series of newsletters, could finally decide to make a purchase.


Attract New Customers
A print newsletter can be more effective than a basic sales brochure and an impressive publication can convert prospects into customers. Distribute your newsletter to your target audience by making it available at conferences, events, door-to-door or anywhere your prospects are located.


Build Your Database
When someone opts to receive your newsletter, they are expressing interest in your business. These warm prospects are ripe for converting into buyers. Your database can grow rapidly if you make it easy for people to join and offer incentives for signing up. For example, you could give away a special report or a discount as a reward for subscribing. Your database of subscribers ultimately becomes a valuable asset since you can use it for a variety of promotional purposes.


Get an Edge on the Competition
If your competitors are already publishing newsletters, then you need to catch up. If they’re not, then you can set the bar. A newsletter can boost your business image and convey a higher level of professionalism.


Build Customer Loyalty
Though a newsletter is a great place to promote products and services, in order to be most effective, it should offer the reader plenty of value. Your customers will appreciate useful information and begin to look forward to receiving your publication.


Become an Authority in Your Field
By providing valuable and interesting content, you will automatically build your credibility with readers. Whether you want to be the go-to source for home cleaning, dog training or business coaching, your newsletter can reflect your knowledge and authority within your industry. This is especially valuable for service-based businesses.


Take Advantage of Timeliness
Your newsletter is a vehicle to keep readers up to date on your latest offerings. You can use it to announce events, special promotions or sales.


Build Word of Mouth
If you want people talking about your business, knock their socks off with your newsletter. Readers who become enamored with your publication will be inclined to share it with others that they know. Give them a reason to talk about your newsletter and your business by developing the best publication possible.

Stephanie Chandler is an author and professional copywriter specializing in custom newsletters, e-zines, articles and web copy for businesses. For details, visit her website at http://www.ProPublishingServices.com.

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