3 Ways to Get Yourself Noticed in the Construction Job Market

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If a potential construction employer does not know about you, you don’t exist. As harsh as that sounds, it applies directly to you and your success in your search for a job in construction. Here are some things to consider doing to reverse that scenario.

The first way to get noticed is to change the way you think of yourself. If you keep thinking of yourself as an unemployed construction worker, chances are, it will affect your mood and the words you use when you meet other people. This will affect their impression of you. If it is negative, it will not do anything to help your job search. Very few people want to be around a pessimistic person. To remedy this predicament, you must start seeing yourself as a happily employed construction worker. Some people call this visualization; others call it keeping a job prosperity consciousness. Whichever way you refer to it, the main thing is you start doing it and keep doing it until you are a happily employed construction worker.

The next way to get yourself noticed is to start reading construction publications like Engineering News Record, Journal of Light Construction or Home Builder News. These are just a few of the magazines you can subscribe to and read on a regular basis. By doing so, you are giving yourself the opportunity to develop a cutting edge advantage for your career. By being exposed to this kind of information flow, you are developing reserve power when it comes to understanding the construction market. Construction employers want to hire the best people available. You become part of that category by being well read and up to date on the current issues facing the construction industry.

As Albert Einstein once said, “A good definition for insanity is to keep doing the same thing in the same way and expect different results.” You are not going to get different results in your job search until you start doing things in a different way. Here is my point. By reading these types of construction publications, you begin thinking in different ways. Thinking leads to doing, and doing things differently in your job search can lead to the construction job of your dreams.

Finally,another way to get noticed is join a builder's association. By becoming a member of one of the many builder associations that are in existence, you are changing your reference group. You are associating with owners and mangers of building companies. It is like Dr. Robert Schuller once said, “Where do you hunt for moose? Where the Moose go.” If you want to be hired by a construction owner or manager you go to where they go. You go to builder associate meetings and conferences.

By attending these meetings and conferences on a regular basis, you can become familiar with the other members and they can become familiar with you. This is part of the process of getting hired and that is getting noticed by the people who can hire you. Excuses like I don’t have the time or the money to attend meetings like this will only assure the person who uses them of not being hired.

So there you have it, three solid ways to get noticed in the construction job market. Do all three and you will be well on your way to working in the construction job of your dreams.

Tom Borg is a consultant in leadership management, team building and customer service. Please see more of his blogs at constructionjobforceblog.com and csjobsblog.com To view additional job postings go to Nexxt

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks Ja'net. I think it's great that you're out there showing them what you can do. Although times are changing slowly, I've noticed more and more women doing construction jobs on television shows like you'd find on HGTV. It's a great thing!
  • Ja'net R
    Ja'net R
    I've done nothing but construction my whole life, I've been in a what they call a man's world, Being a woman who looks younger than I am, It have always been harder for the the industry to look deeper than the exterior package.  I was taught by some of the most skilled, open minded men I'll ever meet.  They looked beyond this little Blonde who is tough, direct, and can take on any position that is put before me.  I listened, learned, and performed as directed, I achieved their expectations and more.  In a short period of time, then I received my own C-39 Specialty Roofing License.  Through their devotion and mine.  I continue to attend functions no matter what they cover within my industry because knowledge is power, which makes me powerful.  Great information here for anyone in the industry.

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